Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

We know the power of a clean first impression. Commercial janitorial cleaning services are about so much more than daily maintenance. In a spotless environment, people care more about each other. Customers have a better experience. Workers are more focused and productive. Students learn without distraction. Civil servants take more pride in serving their communities. Patients have more confidence in their medical care, and congregations feel more connected. Contact Ambassador Services for all of your commercial janitorial needs in Greater Texas and surrounding states. 

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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services Houston & Dallas


Because every organization is unique, Ambassador believes that janitorial cleaning plans should be customized around your specific needs, schedules, and demands. We begin every partnership by learning about the space we’re going to maintain, measuring each room and mapping out all surfaces.
From there, we work directly with you to better understand your schedule and the traffic throughout multiple areas of your facility. We’ll create a service program that best fits the needs and preferences of your organization.


There’s a lot more to commercial janitorial services than meets the eye. Are the windows streak-free? Are the sinks and toilets clean? How about underneath the toilet seat? Are there paper towels in the dispenser and toilet paper in every stall? Has gum been scraped off the bottoms of tables, desks, and handrails? Has the trash been taken out? Were the trash liners replaced? Have the floors been swept, vacuumed, mopped, and dried with care? At Ambassador Services, we offer full-service commercial janitorial services, including day porter services.

Our electronic inspection system codifies inspections into our cleaning process so that our managers can guarantee we serviced your space according to specifications.


We are fully committed to a greener way of cleaning with the smallest possible carbon footprint, prioritizing environmentally friendly products. We train all our employees on the best practices for limiting waste and cleaning efficiently, and follow all health and safety regulations regarding trash haul and water recapture.
Our purchasing department tests every machine, chemical, and material on multiple surfaces until we know it’s safe and effective. We also study Material Safety Data Sheets, ensuring we understand the science and safety procedures.


As your workers leave for the day, our associates arrive, equipped with the latest technology to sanitize and disinfect your space. When your team walks in the next morning, they’ll be greeted with a clean environment, ready to focus on the day ahead. Ambassador janitorial cleaning services give your business the chance to make a great first impression and set a positive tone for the workday.

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