About Ambassador Services

Our CEO, Alexander Melgar, began his career as a janitor. Early on he learned the power of nurturing growth within himself and others. When Alexander began managing cleaners, he realized the need to show them the company’s vision so they could feel they are part of something greater than themselves. He knew that when people have an opportunity to invest in a mission worth pursuing, not only will they stick around, but grow together as a team.
In 2007, Ambassador Services was launched with a vision of adding extra care into everything we do. As experts in facilities and grounds maintenance, we understand that delivering consistent, high-quality service is key to building lasting partnerships.

Ambassador USA Our Vision & Mission

to inspire

Our mission is to deliver inspiring spaces that become the settings for organizations to thrive. Through our comprehensive facility maintenance and grounds services, we strive to be the extension of your maintenance department, enabling healthy and inviting environments.

Ambassador USA Our Values

proactive, driven, resourceful

When it comes to servicing clients, our people are proactive, driven, and resourceful. We’re mindful of our work, operating with honesty and integrity. These values, combined with our strong work ethic, gain us the trust of peers, management, and our valued customers.


We’re not only focused on growth, but also on making an even greater commitment to innovation and sustainability by employing the latest technology and reducing our eco footprint. We establish long-term partnerships, and our dedication to our clients and our employees will always come first.

Expanded into landscapingand grounds maintenanceservices Expanded into landscapingand grounds maintenanceservices