Commercial HVAC Maintenance & Installation

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is critical to sustaining good air quality and temperature control in any commercial or residential space. Along with our facility and grounds maintenance, Ambassador Services also has the expertise to maintain your HVAC system, helping ensure systems are cooling and heating efficiently, and that everyone in your space is breathing clean air.

Over time, HVAC systems can lose efficiency, working harder to heat, cool, and filter the air in your building. This strain can cause systems to break down, leading not only to costly repairs but also to lost revenue for businesses that rely on constant air conditioning to meet industry standards. Mold also grows easily in HVAC systems, and can release toxins into the air you breathe. Our air-duct cleaning and filter replacement services, and HVAC maintenance systems help ensure your space is OSHA-compliant and that no one in your facility is breathing in those toxins.

Commercial HVAC Services Dallas & Houston

As part of your maintenance plan, Ambassador Services can incorporate trained HVAC associates into your maintenance plan to regularly assess your systems and report any maintenance issues. Having a plan in place means getting ahead of peak-season problems, such as a long wait to repair or replace air conditioning systems in the heat of the summer.

We offer full-service HVAC solutions, including installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you’re building from the ground up, replacing and old system, or need inspection and repair, Ambassador Services has the trained professionals to do it.


  • Air temperature balancing
  • Inspection and replacement of belts
  • Inspect coils, replace any broken coils
  • Clean condensate drain lines and pans
  • Check and replace refrigerant (may require new coils)
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test and tune fan and blower motors
  • Lubricate bearings, motors, and moving parts
  • Test thermostat operation
  • Test and adjust air flow
  • Replace air filters
  • Duct cleaning
  • Inspect furnace/heat exchanger

Our comprehensive HVAC program can also be custom-tailored to your specific needs. Every maintenance plan begins with a consultation, where Ambassador assesses your system’s age, hours of use, and your building’s occupancy, along with any issues you may be having with efficient heating and cooling. 

From there, we can create a plan that fits your needs and your budget, solving any immediate problems and establishing a preventive maintenance plan. A well-maintained HVAC system works more efficiently, lasts longer, and keeps your energy bills down. We want you to breathe easy, stay comfortable, and be confident that your system is in top condition under our care.

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