Commercial COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Ambassador Services offers state of the art commercial COVID-19 cleaning services. We know that COVID-19 is affecting your facility and employees and we are prepared to help with your sanitation and decontamination needs.

We have a proven track record of service and timeliness and are prepared to clean and disinfect your business according to the protocols established by the CDC. We not only provide superior janitorial services, but also we are one of a select few facilities maintenance providers to offer pandemic and post-pandemic disinfection certification from the Cleaning Management Institute for all our crew members. All of our associates are outfitted with PPE for facility decontamination and use disinfection and sanitation supplies that meet the required standards of the CDC and WHO. We focus on deep cleaning, with specific attention to high-touch areas, which will help your facility control the spread of germs and help with your COVID-19 decontamination plan.

In addition to our regular janitorial and disinfection services, we offer electrostatic decontamination, to cover surfaces completely and efficiently while combating virus spread. Once the electrostatically charged mist is applied to high touch surfaces, the sanitization agent gets to work disinfecting the surface. When you sign up for services, you’ll get systematic disinfection and decontamination of all high touch surfaces using powerful electrostatic decontamination.

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FAQs about COVID-19 Decontamination:

What are the benefits of hiring a commercial janitorial company?

Spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto objects and surfaces means they are covered completely and evenly, including the reachable backside and underside. The solution is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer, making it easy to deploy. The positive electrical charge is attracted to negative surfaces, meaning that the solution will cover and sanitize sprayed surfaces completely, even when it’s sprayed from only one side.

Electrostatic disinfection is much quicker, taking up to 50% less time to execute than conventional cleaning methods and improving infection control by applying a specialized solution in a measured, controlled way. The result is a deep, consistent, and efficient disinfecting that covers not only surfaces, but also hard-to-reach places that could otherwise be missed. It removes germs, and viruses in environments that require the highest standards on sanitation, such as health care facilities and R&D labs.

What areas should we disinfect the most frequently during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to the CDC, high touch areas should be cleaned the most frequently to combat the spread of COVID-19. These include areas that are frequently touched by large numbers of people, including customers and employees.

What are high touch areas?

High touch areas that need to be frequently cleaned to combat COVID-19 include:

  • Office door handles/knobs
  • Door push plates
  • Desk phones handsets
  • Break room and conference room tabletops
  • Restroom countertops
  • Restroom sink hardware/fixtures
  • Break room hardware/fixtures
  • Entry way doors, knobs, pulls
  • Stairwell railings
  • Elevator touchpads
  • Light switches

What are the benefits of hiring a commercial janitorial company?

Hiring a commercial janitorial company, especially during the pandemic is beneficial because we can provide you with peace of mind and a cleaner, more sanitized environment. We will use our years of knowledge and sanitation expertise to ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned. We are up to date on industry best practices, COVID guidelines, and have state of the art equipment. Contact us today for more information!

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What disinfectants kill COVID-19?

Per the EPA and Mayo Clinic, products with active ingredients such as ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium are recommended to combat the COVID-19 virus.

At Ambassador services, we stay up to date with the most recent information released about sanitization and disinfection to keep you and your facility as safe as possible.

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