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Impactful Landscaping & Exterior Maintenance Service

Fresh cut grass, well managed trees, blossoming flowers, and trimmed bushes can coalesce to be a captivating frame for any property. Along with your parking lot and your building's windows, the plants around your property are going to make the first-impression to anyone who visits your space. Why not make it count?

Ambassador realizes the importance of a great looking property. We pay meticulous attention to detail in maintaining your lawn, shrubs, and turf areas by providing customized landscaping solutions so that your greenery looks exquisite all year long. We offer an extensive array of landscape maintenance services that include grass cutting, pruning, tree maintenance, and design. We perform routine lawn maintenance services dictated by the season and the type of plants that surround your facility.

Of course, our commitment to carbon-neutral solutions with the lowest-environmental impact possible extends to our landscaping services. We will never use chemicals that are harmful to your plants, your people, or the air that we breathe. We follow best practices so that no water goes to waste, and all of the pesticides we use have been EPA approved and are made of natural insecticides whenever possible.

Landscape maintenance services include:

  • Lawn cutting and maintenance
  • Application of mulch and bark
  • Tree and shrub pruning and removal
  • Mulch and lime applications
  • Fertilizing
  • Herbicide, fungicide and pesticide treatments
  • Qualified tree surgery
  • Pesticide application and consulting
  • Design and maintenance
  • Lawns mowed, seeded and fertilized
  • Hedges, flowers, trees, and bulbs planted
  • Landscape remediation
  • Seasonal clean up

Attractive properties are good business. Contact us to get started.

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