Janitorial Services

We know the power of a clean first impression. In a spotless environment, people care more about each other. Customers have a better experience. Workers are more focused and productive. Students learn without distraction. Civil servants take more pride in serving their communities. Patients have more confidence in their medical care. And congregations feel more connected.

—Alexander Melgar, CEO of Ambassador Services


We are fully committed to a greener way of cleaning with the smallest possible carbon footprint, prioritizing environmentally friendly products. We train all our employees on the best practices for limiting waste and cleaning efficiently, and follow all health and safety regulations regarding trash haul and water recapture.

Our purchasing department tests every machine, chemical, and material on multiple surfaces until we know it’s safe and effective. We also study Material Safety Data Sheets, ensuring we understand the science and safety procedures.


As your workers leave for the day, our associates arrive, equipped with the latest technology to wash, wipe, disinfect, and declutter your space. When your team walks in the next morning, they’ll be greeted with a clean environment, ready to focus on the day ahead. Ambassador janitorial services give your business the chance to make a great first impression and set a positive tone for the workday.


Unlike a janitorial team that cleans after hours, day porters work alongside your staff to keep your space clean and take care of maintenance tasks throughout the day. In addition to keeping your bathrooms fresh, your floors tidy, and your space uncluttered, day porters help your business run smoothly. They partner with you to tackle challenges and knock out to-do lists so there are no hiccups throughout the business day.

Day porter responsibilities may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bathroom monitoring and restocking
  • Lobby maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas such as the employee lounge, kitchen, and conference rooms
  • Set-up and tear-down
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Running errands


Because day porters move and work alongside your employees, we strive to find the right porter or team of porters for every organization we serve. We listen to you to get a sense of what you expect from a day porter. Our porters are friendly, experienced, reliable, and have positive, can-do attitudes. We background check and drug test every porter we hire, so we’re confident they’re someone you can trust.


As the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve, all of us at Ambassador Services are deeply committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. We are one of a select few facilities maintenance providers to offer pandemic disinfecting certification from the Cleaning Management Institute for all our crew members. 

Our associates are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) for facility decontamination and use disinfectants and sanitizing supplies that meet CDC and WHO guidelines and specifications to minimize cross-contamination.


Ambassador Services uses electrostatic decontamination to cover surfaces completely and efficiently while combatting virus spread. Spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto objects and surfaces means they are covered completely and evenly, including the backside and underside. The positive electrical charge is attracted to negative surfaces, meaning that the solution will cover and sanitize sprayed surfaces completely, even when it’s sprayed from only one side. The result is a deep, consistent, and efficient cleaning that covers not only surfaces, but also hard-to-reach places that could otherwise be missed. It removes dust, dirt, germs, and viruses in environments that require the highest standards for sanitation, such as health care facilities and R&D labs.

When you sign up for services, you’ll get systematic decontamination and sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces, including:

  • Office door handles/knobs
  • Door push plates
  • Desk phones handsets
  • Break room and conference room tabletops
  • Restroom countertops
  • Restroom sink hardware/fixtures
  • Break room hardware/fixtures
  • Entryway doors, knobs, pulls
  • Stairwell railings
  • Elevator touchpads
  • Light switches


Foot traffic, spills, and other daily activities can take a heavy toll on commercial carpets. While vacuuming picks up loose dirt and debris, a deep clean removes all the gunk and grime that becomes embedded in your carpet over time. The only way to keep your carpet looking fresh throughout years of use is with consistent vacuuming and deep cleaning. 

A periodic deep clean not only keeps your carpets looking brand new, but also helps everyone in your building breathe better, feel healthier, and even take fewer sick days. Many of our clients find that having their carpets deep-cleaned is just as important for their building’s air quality as changing their air conditioning filters.

While the frequency of deep cleaning varies for every business, we highly recommend that your carpets undergo a bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly deep clean. We base our carpet-cleaning programs on carpet type, volume of foot traffic, and everyday wear and tear. This constant care helps keep your carpet looking newer longer, saving you the cost of replacing it more frequently.


At Ambassador, our certified carpet technicians use oxygenated products to restore your carpet’s appeal. Instead of using solvents, petrochemicals, soaps, or detergents that may attract more dirt to your carpet, our carpet-cleaning process generates natural carbon dioxide bubbles that penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. We use the gentle power of natural oxygen, leaving your carpet clean, healthy, and dry in only two hours. All of our carpet technicians are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Hexa Floor Cleaning Services


We work as an extension of your maintenance team, offering support when you need it most. If you have an unforeseen event like burst pipes or flood damage, we can also assist you with our specialized water damage restoration team. We also offer fire recovery services to restore your space to its like-new condition.


Ambassador Services also offers an upholstery cleaning service to remove stains and odors from your furnishings, as well as protectant application to help them stay cleaner, longer. We’ll work to keep your space looking and feeling fresh every day while prolonging the life of your investments.


When it comes to floors, there’s only so much that your janitors and porters can accomplish. They can keep your floor dry and free of dust and debris throughout the day, but for a floor that sparkles and shines, auto-scrubbers are key, stripping and waxing the surface until it looks brand new. Impeccably clean floors are not only great for morale, but also impress anyone who walks through your door. And for some of our clients, such as restaurants and food manufacturing facilities, truly clean floors are required by law.

Floor maintenance planning can help you keep flooring longer, saving cost over the long term. Ambassador can create a plan for you that takes foot traffic and flooring type into consideration to determine how often any surface needs to be waxed and buffed.

Our floor-cleaning products undergo rigorous testing on a variety of surfaces for three to six months to ensure they won’t damage or stain the surfaces they are intended to clean, and that they’re safe for your space and the environment. We’re always advancing our cleaning technology and use some of the most efficient, reliable equipment on the market. Our cleaners are trained and certified to use the machines, waxes, and products we supply.

Ambassador is committed to carbon-neutral cleaning, meaning we only use eco-friendly products and recapture all the water we use, limiting our carbon footprint. We understand how important a clean floor is, which is why we spend so much time finding the right products, techniques, and equipment to clean a variety of surfaces.

We specialize in the following floor surfaces:

  • VCT (vinyl composition tile)
  • LVT (luxury vinyl tile)
  • Commercial vinyl floors
  • Concrete
  • Hardwood
  • Laminated
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Travertine tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Natural stone


While our janitorial team and day porters do work to keep the inside of your windows free of streaks, dust, and fingerprints, our advanced window cleaners make sure that the outside surfaces are clean, too. At every level, Ambassador goes above and beyond to ensure that your windows, your team, and our cleaners stay safe. We test all of our cleaning products and use specialty window-cleaning machines that filter out any minerals or microminerals that may scratch your windows. We consistently train our window cleaners to stay aware of their surroundings and use best practices. Every member of our window cleaning team is OSHA compliant.


  • Window-washing service
  • High-rise window cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Awning cleaning
  • Lime removal

Additional Services

From time to time, we all need a little help. Ambassador Services employs a team of versatile associates who can take on seasonal or occasional tasks that help keep your space beautiful. Whether you need help sorting items or decluttering a closet, unpacking and hanging seasonal decorations, or moving and shipping items to a new location, we are here to assist you with all those things you may have been putting off for lack of time and extra hands.

Do you have a special meeting or celebration coming up that requires extra setup? Ambassador Services can set up and break down event spaces for you, alleviating the stress of “sweating the small things” and giving you time to prepare and focus on the business at hand. From setting up folding tables and chairs in a specific classroom configuration to decorating a space for a special event, we have the tools and the people to get the job done.

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