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Insured, Certified, Eco-Friendly & Experienced Window Cleaning

Windows and glass can be trickier to clean than you think. For instance, if your windows have a film tint, it’s important to pay attention to the cleaning solution as any cleaner containing acid may damage the tint. If your windows are made of tempered glass, our cleaners have to be careful to not accidentally damage the window by trying to remove fabrication debris embedded within the glass. And for multi-story buildings, window cleaners must be certified, insured, and safety trained so that they don’t injure themselves or anyone who happens to be walking below.

While our janitorial team and day porters do work to keep the inside of your windows free of streaks, dust, and fingerprints, our advanced window cleaners make sure that the outside surfaces are clean, too. At every level, Ambassador goes above and beyond to ensure that your windows, your team, and our cleaners stay safe. We product test all of our cleaning products. We use speciality window cleaning machines that filter out any minerals and micro-materials that may scratch your windows. We consistently train our window cleaners to stay aware of their surroundings and use best practices. Every member of our window cleaning team is OSHA compliant.

Commercial window cleaning services include:

  • Window washing service
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Awning cleaning
  • Lime removal

Get a transparent service for transparent windows. Call us for a no-hassle estimate.

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