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Professional, Insured, and Custom Construction Cleaning

Construction generates a lot of mess: debris, hardware, glass— most of which could endanger those that first walk into your space. The last thing you want for a ribbon cutting, grand opening, or your first day of business is for one of your customers to trip over a stray cinder block. Whether you’re renovating or building from the ground up, a proper cleaning is necessary. From construction debris removal to the smallest detail on your site, Ambassador will have your offices, stores, or facilities ready for business. We align with you and your general cleaning contractor to develop a plan that is convenient for you, your customers, and your tenants.

With years of construction cleaning under our belt, we know that every project is unique. We begin every construction clean up project by learning about the unique specifications of your site and build so that we can assemble an appropriately sized team with the right tools and materials. Safety is our number one priority. We are fully insured and train every one of our construction cleaners to be aware and only use safe practices. Our customers have depended on the approach we’ve maintained all these years: consistent, dependable service created to their specifications.

Construction cleaning services include:

  • New construction cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Construction site cleaning porters
  • Renovation
  • Deep site cleaning

Transition Your Site from “Hard Hat Zone” to “Now Open”. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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